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2014: kpop’s worst year yet

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kyungsoo was manly at first, until he said thank you to the fans

141012 kimheenim: Uwa, it’s a picture from 11 years ago. I was 21, Kibum-ee was 17. Picture from when we were trainees kkkk Both of them are so handsome, so handsome it would hurt one’s mouth from saying that (so many times). Our parents probably danced after giving birth to us.. Parents! Thank you! My face! I love you! #HEENIM #Cinderella #KIBUM #SnowWhite (cr)

46/?? reasons why to love otp: You are the apple of my eye.

Zelo: On the last day of the concert, Yongguk hyung said things about each member. That’s when I thought that he really understood me and the other hyungs ..  I was really thankful that I cried.

handsome cute Sehun ;;

congratulations on 100 Super Shows!